Exploring Lake Bled: A Photo Collection

There are many posts I would encourage you to explore on our website, not the least of which is an almost two thousand word epic extolling the virtue of a pita sandwich with eggs and potatoes, but none may be more helpful than an explanation of why we are travelling in the first place. The thought of undertaking a trip around the world for an undetermined amount of time can be quite daunting for some people; it certainly was for me, no matter how much I did not want to admit it. As we began planning stops and buying plane tickets, accumulating hotel points and making extraneous Amazon purchases, I stumbled upon this picture:

Image: Perfect Weddings Abroad

Image: Perfect Weddings Abroad

I'd love to say that I remember exactly where I saw it (most likely it was on Pinterest or one of those clickbait "10 Places To See Before You Die" type posts), but I don't. What I do remember is the thought that ran through my head: 

We Can Actually Go There.

Until this point, it hadn't quite clicked that we truly had the option to go anywhere, even if it was a small lake in Slovenia, a country I wasn't even sure I could find on a map, for any reason, even if that reason was seeing a picture and questioning whether somewhere that looked like it should be the setting for a Disney movie could even be real. And then, in what felt like an instant, we were there. To stand at Bled Castle and look out over this place, to confirm that this place I wasn't sure was real actually was, this was why we traveled. My iPhone pictures will not do it justice, but maybe one of these will pop up in a Google search or a Pinterest Pin, or even on this website, and inspire someone else to go and find the place that makes them feel the way Lake Bled makes me feel.