What To Pack For A Year Long Trip Around The World

OK, so this post is going to get a little Pinterest-y, as if you couldn't tell by the picture already. Plus, it's going to rely on my absolute favorite style of writing: Bulleted lists where I write small blurbs! No need to write complete sentences, let alone even full paragraphs! Except of course, for the next two paragraph, which will be full of complete sentences. Hope you enjoy both subjects and predicates, because you're gonna get both of them. In spades!

This is by no means a list which will be set in stone. More than likely, we will be subbing out clothing/items as we move through the trip, moving in and out of climates. Most of the items will make it the whole year (I'm looking at you, both Cam Newton T-Shirts), but a couple of things were intended to not make it. I am sure that we will find in three months that we've packed too much and we didn't end up using the headphone splitter at all. But that'll be something we find out together, so let's go.

First things first, before we get to the list (UGH, I am so sick of all this punctuation), we're utilizing the Tortuga Backpacks, it's perfect for us, as it's designed for traveling; most backpacking packs are designed to hike for months in the wilderness, but we need a bag with lots of pockets for bluetooth speakers to jam the Humpty Dance through. Also, apologies in advance, my list will be a little bit more thorough than Renee's, as I just finished packing, and I'm the one writing this. Enough with the sentences and paragraphs, let's get to the list!

We'll try to update this whenever we switch things out. 

What You Got In That Bag? 

Josh's Bag

  • 6 T-Shirts (Four Plain V-Neck T-Shirts, and Two Cam Newton T-Shirts. GO PANTHERS)
  • 1 Long Sleeve T-Shirt
  • 1 Tank Top (Probably the most expensive thing in the bag, but TOTALLY WORTH IT)
  • 5 Pairs Of Under Armour Boxerjock Boxer Briefs (You could get any sort of moisture-wicking underwear, and we didn't buy these on Amazon, we bought them at my mom's favorite store Rugged Wearhouse, 2-Packs were $8. Don't pay full price.)
  • 2 Button Up Shirts
  • 1 Polo Shirt
  • 1 Zip-Up Fleece
  • 1 Track Jacket
  • 1 Pair Columbia Tumwater Shorts - These are going to double as both a bathing suit and running shorts.
  • 1 Pair Lululemon Commission Pants - These are super comfortable, and will look dressy enough if we decide to go out to dinner. Thanks Uncle Lou for both the recommendation and the gift card!
  • 1 Pair Jeans
  • 1 Pair Grey Khaki Shorts
  • 6 Pairs Under Armour Resistor Socks - Buy whatever socks you want, just make sure they wick away moisture, these are comfortable and they pack up real nice and small.
  • 1 Kikkerland Travel Adapter
  • 1 SteriPen Freedom- If you're not familiar with this, and let me tell you, my mom thought it was hocus pocus magic when I showed it to her, you should check it out. A must if you're traveling anywhere outside the US/Europe, and it will save you a ton of money if you don't have to buy bottles of water every ten minutes. Plus the environment.


  • 1 Glasses Case - Obviously, this has my glasses in it, but I also stuffed as many contact lenses as I could in there (I use the Acuvue Oasys 14 Day so I was able to fit enough for the next six months in).
  • 1 iPhone 4S - This was actually Renee's idea, we'll use these (she has one in her bag as well) as an iPod on airplane mode for when we run, and we downloaded a bunch of music and movies onto them so we're not using our precious memory on our true phone that we're using for everything else. Plus: it can be used as an emergency phone should our actual get stolen. Double plus: If theoretically, we're out on a run, and someone decides to mug us for the phone, we won't be out our real phone, just a crappy 4S. Yes, we're spoiled.
  • 1 Pack Playing Cards 
  • 1 Pack Dutch Blitz Playing Cards
  • 1 Head Lamp
  • 1 Google Chromebook - Not necessary for everyone, but if you want to read this blog, then guess what? I need something to type it and upload it to the series of tubes to your phone/laptop.
  • 1 Travel Flask - Yeah. It's for booze. Take off your robes and stop judging. 
  • 2 Pairs Headphones (Extra)
  • 2 Pairs Sunglasses (Extra)
  • 2 Moleskin Notebooks - One for notes, schedules, addresses, cool things to do. One for writing down expenses.
  • 1 XSBoom Bluetooth Speaker - Humpty Dance ain't going to jam itself.
  • Toiletries
  • 1 Pair Flip Flops
  • 1 Pair Sperry Docksiders
  • 1 Pair Nike Free 5.0 - Awesome sneakers, plus they're stupid light.
  • 1 New Outlander Daypack
  • 1 Belkin Mini-Travel Surge Protector

We've also each got a Teton Sports Tracker Ultralight 5F Sleeping Bag carrabeaner'd (That is DEFINITELY not a verb) onto the bottom of our bags. They each weigh under 30 lbs, which is light enough to be a free carry-on on everything except the super cheap carriers. 


What You Got In That Bag?

Renee's Bag

So that's it! Obviously, we're sharing things, so both of us didn't need to bring a sink stopper. We'll only be washing our underwear in one sink at a time.  And yes, these are Amazon affiliate links. You don't have to buy through them, but I put them up here. We're poor backpackers, don't judge!

Did we miss something? Are we screwed without _____? Have any questions? Leave 'em in the comments!